Roku Jizo (六地蔵)

Look at the six cute Jizo (guardian deity of children) standing quietly at a crossing of the streets.  It would be regrettable if you miss them in a rush to cross the street.  They are so famous as this cross roads is named Roku Jizo.



There are two famous museums near here. Bungakukan is open in all seasons.  But Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial is open to the public for the limited period only. Both buildings show the atmospher of, how to say it,,,,like the old-modernizing Japan. (Jp)



Although HANABI is located on the other side to the ocean, it is still less than 10 minutes on foot. Sometimes calm, the next time wild.



HANABI is located in the middle of Yuigahama and Hase area. We think it's nice to walk around.



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