HANABI ramen assari

  HANABI's Ramen is the noodles in "Shoyu" based soup with the option whether the fish broth is added or not.  (Shoyu: soy beans Japanese sauce)  The soup mixed with the fish broth has the fish flavor perceptibly and very popular in Kamakura locals.  Without it, it is more standard.  Regardless the option of the soup, both of them are topped with Roasted pork fillet, Japanese spinach, toasted laver and shungun.  A special boiled egg and additional Roasted pork fillet are available for the extra charge.

  A Ramen usually has noodles in soup.  In the other way, you can enjoy Tsukemen, noodles and soup served separately.  You eat noodles dipping in a soup one mouth eat and then another.



* Option: With or Without Fish broth for the soup.

* Additional \100 for Tukemen noodle.


Menu as of Oct. 2015

Tax is Included

Noodles in the soup made from Chicken, Pork


Shoyu Ramen


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